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2024 June Postal Service Announces Industry Award Winners at the National Postal Forum
2024 May Eliminating Parcel Select Lightweight - Grace Period Ends
2024 May Affordable Content Marketing for Print/Mail Operations
2024 May DRUPA: Implementation of AI-supported Workflow in the Printing Industry
2024 May FedEx Freight to close 7 service centers nationwide in 2024
2024 May AI and the Impact on Supply Chains
2024 May Unraveling the mystery of electric trucks’ residual values
2024 May Diesel takes another hit and may be driving down broader oil market
2024 May USPS wants to make controversial changes to shipping partner deals this month
2024 May Can wireless charging lower cost of EV fleets? Purdue researchers hope so Wireless charging project in Indiana could revolutionize electric vehicles
2024 April USPS Sets New Rates for July 14
2024 April Making Hazmat Shipping Safer
2024 April U.S. Postal Service Recommends New Prices for July 2024
2024 April Postal Service Launches Eight New Sorting and Delivery Centers
2024 April

5 Big Changes Coming to the Post Office in 2024

2024 April April 2024 PCCAC News You Need to Know from MTAC (Video)
2024 April Senator calls out USPS leadership as first-class financial failures
2024 April Major mail delivery delays raise concerns about voting in the 2024 elections
2024 April UPS to become the primary air cargo provider for the United States Postal Service
2024 April Goddard College Announces Closure
2024 April Handle the Multiple Peaks and Pressures of Parcel Shipping with Multi-Modal, Multi-Carrier Delivery
2024 March Empowering Women Leaders in Shipping and Logistics
2024 March Behind every Postal Service move, there’s a Postal Regulatory Commissioner
2024 March Managing the Challenge of Achieving More with Less
2024 March USPS mail price hikes driving away more customers than predicted, study finds
2024 March FedEx Rolls Out E-cargo Bikes in London
2024 March Propane postal delivery truck project shows emissions, cost savings
2024 March Sierra blizzard provides ammo for critics of US Postal Service plan to downsize mail hub in Nevada
2024 February Delivering Parcels by E-Bike with UW’s Campus Mail Woman
2024 February As USPS institutes network reforms, mail delivery hits a 3-year low
2024 February USPS to Buy Six Canoo EVs
2024 February USPS Certified Full-Service Software Vendors
2024 February USPS Outlines Plan to ‘Aggressively’ Reduce Carbon Footprint by 2030
2024 February How FedEx could win by losing its Postal Service business
2024 February Man identified, arrested for using knife to steal USPS mail truck
2024 February USPS considers overhaul at Grand Junction facility: Potential job losses and mail delays feared
2024 February Delayed Mail Warning as USPS Mulls Changes to Manchester Mail Sorting Facility
2024 February This Week in Logistics News (February 10 – 16)
2024 February Average Delivery Time Across Postal Service Network Remains Stable
2024 January Postal Service Allows Hard-Copy Grace Period for Implementation of Electronic Postage Statements
2024 January USPS plans to cut $5B in costs, grow revenue to avoid running out of cash in coming years
2024 January No More Paper Postage Statements – Starting January 28, 2024!
2024 January This Week in Logistics News (January 27 – February 2)
2023 December Service Type ID Table& Appendix A Updated to Clarify Ballot Mail STIDs
2023 November USPS Guide to Business Customer Gateway
2023 November USPS Technical Specifications for Mail.dat and Mail.xml
2023 November Postal Service sets 2024 shipping rate hikes for 3 key services
2023 November U.S. Postal Service Announces New Competitive Prices for 2024
2023 November U.S. Postal Service Reports Fiscal Year 2023 Results
2023 November USPS loses $6.5B in FY2023 and says another year in the red is coming
2023 November FedEx Announces Peak Surcharges; Says Rates Rise 5.6% On January 1
2023 November Teamsters unionizes some truck drivers at large US Postal Service fleet
2023 November Roman Martinez IV Re-Elected Chairman of the Postal Service Board of Governors
2023 November Fentanyl Laced Letters Mailed To Election Offices
2023 November FedEx Semi Attacked By Thieves
2023 November USPS Ground Advantage
2023   FedEx 2023 Shipping Deadlines for Holiday Packages
2023 October U.S. Postal Service Holiday Shipping & Mailing Deadlines 
2023 October U.S. Postal Service Proposes New Prices for 2024
2023 October USPS: No Holiday Or Peak Surcharges
2023 September Container shipping has a Europe problem and it’s getting worse
2023 September UPS Offers Rebates to Win Back Diverted Volumes
2023 August Whopping 30% Discount On Additional Mail Entered vs. 2023
2023 July Protecting Your Supply Chain
2023 July  Walmart Vs. Amazon: Who Wins The Retail Battle In 2023?
2023 May News/Media Alliance Files Comments on USPS Rate Increases & US House Hearing Scheduled May 17
2023   The "Pivotal Year"
2023   USPS Ground Advantage Reduces Prices; Launches July 9
2023   UPS tempers 2023 revenue view as freight volumes remain strained
2023   USPS making mail forwarding changes after Clay County fraud case
2023 April

CASS Cycle O: "O" Is for Opportunity

2023 April

FedEx Overhaul Contemplates a Future With No Drivers on Payroll


FedEx Announces Planned Consolidation of Operating Companies


UPS fights to keep strike-fearing shippers from fleeing

2023 January USPS operational changes aren’t putting rural delivery at disadvantage, watchdog finds
2022 December US Postal Service pledges move to all-electric delivery fleet

Postage Meter Changes: New Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI) Mandated In 2024

2022 November Walmart Offers 50% Off Walmart+ to Boost Subscriptions

Kroger brings fast delivery to two Southwest metro areas

2022   FedEx Parks Planes as Weak Demand Prompts Cost-Cutting Steps
2022   The 7 Deadly Sins of B2C Fulfillment
2022   Order fulfillment challenges change, but don't go away
2022   Retailers reel in delivery deadlines to get Christmas gifts to shoppers on time
2022   Walgreens teams up with DoorDash, Uber to roll out same-day delivery
2022 October DoorDash is making 7 keys moves to dominate retail and grocery delivery after conquering restaurants and creating new rivals in Instacart and Gopuff (Business Week subscription required)
2022 October Amazon predicts sales growth slowdown for holidays, crushing shares
2022 October Amazon's income dipped in Q3 2022 as the economy took its toll
2022 October  UPS releases 3Q 2022 earnings
2022 October  UPU World Leaders Forum underlines digital partnership opportunities
2022 October  DPD Group's net zero strategy
2022 October  Rising Shipping Costs Prompt Businesses to Get Creative With Deliveries
2022 October Ruth Bader Ginsburg is depicted on a new USPS stamp
2022 October Operation Santa
2022 October Scoop: TikTok chases Amazon with plans for U.S. fulfillment centers
2022 October  US Postal Service wants to hike stamp prices to 63 cents
2022 October  Royal Mail workers walk out in first of 19 days of strikes
2022 October  Mid-Terms and the Mail
2022 August Meta partners with DoorDash to deliver Marketplace items in US
2022 June  Supreme Court rejects challenge to higher USPS rates, but regulator review ongoing
2022 June  Why higher US Postal Service rates are here to stay
2022 June  Postal Service Starts Summer With Strong Service Performance Across All Mail Categories.
2022 June  USPS investigates Memphis mail theft
2022 June Police: USPS mail carrier robbed at gunpoint Wednesday on Palermo Road
2022 Ongoing USPS Delivers - Answers for Your Questions
2022 Ongoing USPS Customer Service District Offices
2022 January USPS Salaries
2021 May With Commitment to Affordability and Financial Sustainability, U.S. Postal Service Proceeds with Request for Postal Rate Change
2021 April UNCC Horace Lytch "Back to Campus Kit "
2021 March Delivering For Niner Nation

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