Tips for First-Time NACUMS Conference Attendees

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Why should I attend?

  • Your voice will be heard! Being a part of NACUMS gives your voice credibility in the mailing/shipping industry. NACUMS, as an organization, has representation on the MTAC (Mailers Technical Advisory Committee) board. This group is composed of individuals from across the mailing industry and advises the US Postal Service on service and policies that impact all mailers, especially colleges and universities. – The greater number of NACUMS members, the stronger our voice is in the industry.
  • You will earn the respect and acknowledgement of your peers in the college and university world.  By attending this conference you will be exposed to a wide variety of topics that are relevant to your job and programs which will enhance your own job performance.

  • You are giving yourself exposure to national experts in the college and university mailing arena; folks willing to share their vast knowledge and with those in attendance.
  • As an attendee, you will receive guidance and nurturing that will help you become the very best in your field. You will be the one person who is THE expert in mail on your college campus.
  • Your first-time attendance is the first step in a wonderful relationship with others who do what you do. You will have networking experiences like nowhere else by being at this conference.
  • You will form relationships that will transcend your mailing operation. You will make great friendships for a lifetime.
  • You will be exposed to cutting-edge technology. Our industry is rapidly changing and you will have the opportunity to see the latest technological advancements available.