College Campuses - Student Mail Lockers

Automating Package Exchange for Colleges.

The growth in package volumes together with the challenge of student expectations for efficient and effective package delivery requires Universities and Colleges to think about new and innovative ways to manage logistics.

The implementation of automated Locker systems enables Colleges and Universities to effectively bridge the gap of offering students unprecedented convenience in being able to pick up their parcels and mail with the traditional business hours of mailroom operation.
Unlike other Locker systems, TZ College Mail Locker solutions are customized to suit the work practices of the University or College mail operations including integration with third-party Track and Trace and established mail management systems.
TZ’s end-to-end approach to solution development allows Universities and Colleges to deliver a complete and optimum system that addresses the simplification of operational practices, the robust requirements for parcel and mail security, and chain of custody whilst providing a convenient and easy-to-use solution that fits into a student’s life on campus.

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