Image Architects has over 25 years of document scanning and document management experience.  We have installed solutions on 5 continents and our solutions have been translated into 15 languages.  Today, we are focused entirely on Mail Center automation tools.  Our solutions cover both Digital Mail software and Mail Storage systems similar to package lockers but sized and optimized for mail storage.  We often partner with Bear River, OPEX and other NACUMS sponsors to provide turnkey solutions.

Our Digital Mail Distribution system starts in the Mail Center by scanning or sorting unopened mail and sending notifications to students and/or faculty.  Now they know exactly what is in their mailbox and whether they want to pick it up at a designated campus location.  During this process, we can tell you what has happened to each letter and just as importantly, what has not happened. 

Digital Mail can be hosted on your servers or using an Amazon Web Service (AWS) account.  We require Microsoft IIS and SQL Server or MySQL databases. No personal information (PII) is stored anywhere on any server and all traffic is encrypted.  It is entirely browser-based and has smartphone and desktop interfaces. 

Our Postal Robotics solution works in conjunction with our Digital Mail products.  Many of our customers implemented storage systems in their Mail Centers for mail pickup.  However, they quickly realized that asking students to pickup mail during business hours was not schedule-friendly.  Therefore, we developed a highly secure mail storage jukebox that can dispense mail on a 24x7 basis with the swipe of an ID card or User ID/Password.  The jukebox can be placed near the Mail Center or in a Student Center.  Using this Jukebox can save up to 80% of the space required by PO Boxes and provide a better experience for students.

Our new pricing model covers the needs of 1,000 student campuses up to State Universities.

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