To begin your registration, click the Attendee Registration button. If you are returning to register Additional Attendees this action can be performed by using this same button. You will be required to either: Log-in using an existing account or create an account. Your registration pricing is dependent on the profile status of your membership or non-membership with the association, along with the designation of your attendance at the conference (First AttendeeAdd'l Attendee - from the same institution, Inactive Member or Returning Non-Member Attendee (CUNImail Only or Regional Member), or First Time Non-Member Attendee).

Guest Meals may be purchased using the Guest Registration button below. 

Please email [email protected] if you need any further clarification or assistance. 








Conference Registration Pricing

Registration Category  Definition Early Bird Discount Price
(per person)
Full Conference Price
(per person)

Member In Good Standing


Addtl Attendee
(Active Member)

This registration option is ONLY accessible to individuals whose membership is "ACTIVE". The supporting form allows multiple registrations of members from the same school, considered "Linked Profiles".









InActive Member or Returning Non-Members

Addtl Attendee
(InActive Member)

This option will be used to register INACTIVE MEMBERS or returning NON-MEMBERS who have attended the conference in the past. 









Non-Member First Time Attendees This option will be used to register a non member who has never attended a NACUMS Conference.



  EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT REGISTRATION expires at midnight, Friday, June 17, 2022. Beginning June 18, 2022 registration costs will increase, at a rate of $50, with exception of Guest Meal fees.

Personal Guests

Guests are visitors traveling with an 
attendee and need to be registered
separately if they are joining the group
for meals only.

$250 All Meals
(Breakfast and Lunch, Sunday thru Wednesday & Monday Awards Banquet)

Sunday thru Wednesday

$75 Breakfast

$125 Lunch

$60 Monday
(Awards Banquet