2017 Conference Attendee Comments

“There we were, Jerry and I, cold and chained to the wall. We kept asking what we had done wrong but all we were told is that we wouldn’t yell “OF COURSE” loud enough. You can imagine our despair as this was our first NACUMS conference and we did not know what to expect. As the days went by and our hunger increasing, we were finally given some water and a few pieces of chocolate to keep us alive. Our cries for help went unanswered until the cleaning person found us and let us go. On our way out of the hotel we were told what would happen to us if we uttered anything that had gone on at the conference and our driver’s licenses were taken just to make sure we got the message! Other than that, it was a good conference and we had fun. 5 stars!” -Troy Mcfarland and Jerry Porter 

As a first-time attendee, I thought that the educational opportunities offered at the conference were exceptional! It was great to branch out from my MARCUMS family and have the opportunity to meet and network with mail colleagues from across the U.S. I am thankful to now have an extended family. -Dana Kemberling 

This was my first NACUMS conference and I had an amazing time! Between the diverse and informative sessions and networking with people from all across the country, I learned so much and I was able to bring many new ideas back to my university. I was also able to earn the MDC certification. I truly hope that I will be able to go to as many future NACUMS conferences as possible. -Josh Hall

You mean like when talking to a vendor its ok to say: “You want me to get Don McCarty on the phone?”  that’s actually one of my favorite going forward quotes. -c

 Great opportunity to connect with your peers! Insightful! Supportive! -Kim B.

 What an awesome opportunity to have NACUMS join me in my back yard. I really enjoyed showing off Pittsburgh; Primanti Brothers, Andy Warhol Museum, the incline to Mt Washington and all that Pittsburgh has to offer and let’s not forget the Stanley Cup was in our hotel. -Anna P.

One of the most enjoyable conferences I have attended! -Jerine Blissett

It was a wonderful conference. I’m always impressed by the range of speaker and topics discussed. The venue was comfortable and conveniently situated within close proximity of some local sights. The addition of the many first time attendees was also nice. Thank you to the vendors and committee for your hard work in planning and all you did to make it a successful as well as informative opportunity. -Joanne Robertson

I truly had a great time at the conference.  The classes were very helpful and informative.  The best part for me was talking with other managers who have been in the industry for a while and have experienced some of the same issues.  I was able to receive another point of view which was very helpful. -Gerard Bishop

Had a great time at the conference.  Everything was just wonderful, so glad I got to attend this year. Thanks to Monica, Matt, and all for making this conference successful. It is so nice being with my “family” for the week. -Jan W.

I thought the conference this year was well organized and full of worthwhile education events. The location was perfect and the Hotel Staff were friendly. - Horace Lytch

I would say that the conference was highly educational, and provided key time with vendors so we can look at products and services available on the market. It is a time to network with peers, ask questions of presenters, peers, industry leaders so we can make informed decisions of how we conduct our business. We all want to work smarter, not harder.

I believe the conference was well attended, well laid out, thoughtfully planned and executed. I enjoyed the tours and my time in Pittsburg. I would also like to give a shout out to Matt Sloan for his hospitality, and Monica Brink/Kenny Greene and the entire board for their diligent work. - Mickey A.

The NACUMS conference is like a big homecoming or family reunion for attendees and business partners alike. We’re glad to see everyone and even more glad to welcome new members to the family. What a great time to catch up with friends from long ago and meet new ones in the meantime. NACUMS is a caring and supporting family - and it doesn’t seem like a national organization! We care about one another and want each other succeed. We celebrate victories and we help with challenges. We make one another better by being at the annual NACUMS homecoming! - Ronnie Farris

This was my first NACUMS Conference. It was a wonderful experience. I learned valuable information to take back. Met wonderful people and was able to put some faces to the names on Cunimail. I’m thankful for the opportunity to attend. I hope to be able to attend more as it is well worth the time and cost! - Angela S.

This was my first NACUMS Conference and I enjoyed it. Everyone was very welcoming and made me feel like I had known them for years. The information that was discussed at each session was very informative. I liked how each session allowed the members to participate in the discussions. There was so much knowledge present from the members. Being able to talk to others that do the same things that I do and being able to compare our operations is a huge tool for us to have.  I look forward to next years. -Paula Rench